To save time for those whose job it is to analyze and present the results, the software used at Wakuroo makes it possible to reproduce the results in the form that will suit the best: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Powerpoint.

Results tables in Microsoft Excel format can be accompanied by an Excel Macro that allows you to navigate within tables and easily select table elements to create new tables to export to Powerpoint.

Regarding Powerpoint presentations, they can be delivered for any type of study (ad hoc or tracking) and according to the desired presentation model: the results are put in the form of graphs or tables while complying with the charter desired graph.

For example, for ad hoc studies, presentation habits or standard presentations serve as a basis for reporting. Indeed, each type of question (grid of items, open question, list, socials, etc.) is usually a chart template: you just have to provide us with these chart templates and tell us for each question to which model it corresponds to; we then produce a Powerpoint file containing the graphics, tables, titles, texts as defined by you. In the Powerpoint file received, you have the option to manually edit all the elements (charts, tables, titles, texts) as needed. If for any reason there are data changes (change of base, change of recovery, ...) and that this impacts the results and therefore the charts, we provide you immediately an update of the Powerpoint file.